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Put A Stop To DDoS Attacks

ProHosterZ DDoS Security Protection 3X offers three complete layers of protection against malicious attacks and features both on-site protection and upstream distributed mode to prevent null routing. It's a robust, versatible and flexible solution, backed by ProHosterz's large network.

DDoS Protection 3X is essential to assure business continuity and protect your servers against network attacks, application attacks, worms and more with the latest Intrusion Prevention technologies.


Our various anti denial of service plans offer strong protection and security for your dedicated servers. It relies in ProHosterZ's superior network, ranked as the most reliable network by Netcraft. With 58+Gbps of Tier-1 connectivity, our network can stop attacks of any size. Trafic going to protected servers will be filtered, from 20Mbps up to more than 500Mbps, depending on your needs. If you seek total protection, we also offer dedicated Distributed Denial of Service protection.


The ProHosterZ DDoS Security Protection3X will protect your server from a wide range of attacks, including common DDoS attacks, network attacks, as well as application attacks. We also put a stop to spyware, viruses and botnets. If you need more versatility, advanced plans lets you access existing firewall rules, and add customized filters for maximum defense. The Total Protection plan will also defend you against advanced application based attacks.

Flexibility and Simplicity

The ProHosterZ DDoS Security Protection3X solution is easy to implement in any server infrastructure, with no change needed to your application software. There's no hardware to purchase, and it's invisible to the end user. It's an easy-to-use, yet robust solution! You can also seamlessly switch from the Standalone Server protection, to the other plans, without changing any IP address.

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