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Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics Management

As a first step, you need to create a Google analytics account. Then the tracking code needs to be placed in the site pages. What Google analytics does is detect those keywords that pull those visitors that are most likely to be your frequent customers. It also records which ad copy triggered most number of responses and which landing pages brought you highest Return on Investment (ROI). This will help you modify your site so that it brings in better results.

Placing Google analytics is useful in many ways. It can be done at no extra cost. It can classify visitors into different groups. This classification helps you understand their courses of action better. You can find out which marketing programs give you high value for money. All these would help you arrive at ways of improving the design of the sites and get better conversion. One important feature of Google analytics is the fact that it is incorporated with Google AdWords. Further, enterprise applications installed alongside would give you insights into the psychology of the visitor.

In addition to those mentioned above, Google Analytics also computes key ROI measurements from cost and keyword tracking data, all made easily available by automated processes. A detailed visitor tracking mechanism is put into operation, giving information about the country of the visitor, the system details, and provide indications about the goals of the visitor from his/her activities.

Other pieces of information are also given by Google Analytics such as the time spent by a particular visitor on your site, the pages visited and the bounce rate. The bounce rate is an instance of a visitor leaving a page without going to other pages on the site before spending a specified minimum amount of time.

Features :

  • We setup codes on your entire site.
  • Enterprise application to track website visitors
  • Integrated with Google AdWords

Benefits :

  • Track multiple areas on a site to see which image/ text performs better with your target audience
  • Helps online marketers increase visitor conversion rates
  • Overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing different combinations of site content (text and images)

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