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Managed Load Balancing Service

ProHosterZ Load Balancing Services perk up server efficiency and better the response time by handling offloading of SSL, caching & compression at the hardware level. Our load-balancing solutions employ industry-leading F5 load-balancing platform and come backed up by 24×7 support and fully trained and certified staff.

The Load balancing could be either among your own servers housed in our own datacenters or could happen between geographically far apart centers.

Simply add load balancing to your current multiple server configuration in order to achieve high availability and build your own web cluster  without burning all your hosting budget. Load balancing can be implemented quickly and easily as an add-on to your current server solution to share the load between your web servers. Using a simple script to replicate the data on the servers.

The load balancing services of ProHosterZ guarantee you fast connection and failproof round the clock access to websites and other mission-critical Intranet and  Internet applications that help you minimize response time while greatly enhancing your website availability. Our load balancing solutions support all Internet protocols and accommodate various types of operating systems.

Based on load balancer calculations the server with the least load in your network is identified and all requests are routed to that machine. Our load balancing technology on a smart, intuitive basis allots requests in such a way that almost all of your servers could work at their utmost capacity. No longer would you experience situations where some of your servers are idle while others are overloaded. The optimal load-balancing dramatically improves your website's response time and reliability diminishing any requirement for additional web servers and improving overall user experience. The highest advantage of our managed load balancing services is that they are highly-scalable and allow you to build highly-available, fault-tolerant websites.

    The key service offerings in managed load balancing service include:
  • Local load balancing
  • Reverse proxy acceleration
  • Distributed load balancing
  • Keep your web sites available all the time
  • Scale and increase capacity when you need it
  • Enhanced Security

With ProHosterZ you get round-the-clock monitoring of Load Balancer functionality, Dedicated Load Balancer, Copies of log file reports for last 7 days upon request, System administration and Configuration data backup.

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