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Search Engine Keywords Report

Site Keyword Report from SEO Experts

We have developed a keyword research tool using which we run detailed keyword research. Keyword research holds the key to any Internet marketing enterprise. What the tool first does is find out the basic or the root keywords. Subsequently, our tools will create a list of relevant sub-keywords for you. You will then receive a detailed report. It will give key search phrases that Internet users are likely to search for while trying to get information about products and services.

Such identification of key phrases is part of the general goal of increasing website search rankings in order to get more traffic and a greater number of sales. These processes facilitate what in business terms is called ‘making contact’ with the customers. The result would be an unprecedented growth in your business.

We have developed a system in which different colors refer to different levels of competition and search magnitude. Green indicates low competition and high search magnitude, orange indicates medium level of competition and high search magnitude, torque represents high competition and high search magnitude and red stands for very high competition and high search.

The keywords report that you get is comprehensive. Among other things, it will show you the keywords for which you have very little competition. That will help you focus on those keywords in your copy. One of the goals is to make the best use of the keyword ranking opportunities that you have. By giving you an idea of which keywords you should be working on, it gives a boost to your marketing efforts. What is offered for you is a fully professional service that gives you detailed information – such as keywords with links, pages, and the impact of these keywords on the search engine rankings.

Features :

  • Professional service
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Keyword targeting opportunities
  • Keyword with links, pages, search engine impact of top ranking sites in engines
  • 50 products with over 10,000 keywords analyzed

Benefits :

  • Trained and skilled resources working for you
  • Trained and skilled resources working for you
  • Actionable data – Blueprint to what keyword to target now, and what is required for keyword to compete with
  • Right keywords – Don’t spend months on the wrong campaign targeting wrong keywords, that won’t bring you traffic or just cannot compete with
  • Create online SEO campaigns that allow you to turn profit from them quickly

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