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CakePHP Web Application Development

CakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks for PHP Web Application Development. It’s free open-source PHP rapid development framework. Cake PHP Development provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Base language used in CakePHP is PHP, compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 and MVC architecture (model-view-controller) pattern helps separate presentation from business logic.

7 reasons to choose Cake PHP Web Application Development

Cake PHP Development has several features that make it a great choice as a framework for developing applications rapidly.

  • Compatible with PHP4 as well as PHP5.
  • It helps professionals or developers to reduce code repentance in creation of website.
  • Cake is easy to understand and sets the industry standards in security and session handling.
  • It provides powerful flexible data validation features.
  • CakePHP reduces the cost of website creation and builds applications much faster.
  • It is developed under MIT license so it is free for everyone.
  • View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms and more

Prohosterz provides Cake PHP Web Application Development

Our primary aim is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility. Prohosterz is the offshore development company based in India expertise in framework based web application development.

Why to hire cake php programmer for your project to Prohosterz ?

  • We develop php rapid development and robust web applications using Cake PHP framework.
  • Web 2.0 style applications development.
  • Extensive research is carried out before developing any web application.
  • Experienced professionals who are updated with new technologies.
  • Dedicated team for each project to serve your custom requirements.
  • Weekly/Monthly reviews of on-going development process.

You can Hire Cake PHP Programmer from our resource allocation services at Hourly/Monthly and Project basis. We can also ensure security; performance, maintainability, and extensibility are taken care of during development process. Let our experts build your applications to ensure you take advantage of all the great power of CakePHP.

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