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Does your business have a static web site?
And If you answered Yes, now the question, is it enough?

If you have put on a website for your business or your services and is "static", meaning the information provided on your website is just few pages mainly about your company, products and services and one contact information page. If this is true than you are missing out on a terrific opportunity for your business growth and revenues.

In today’s internet world every service and business needs a website today, but if you have a static web site that is just like posting a sign board with hoping that someone will look at it and trace-up in finding you. With today’s technology like Microsoft ASP.NET and C#, even the smallest service / business can easily obtain a dynamic, business class web site or portal, improving sales and customer satisfaction. All you need is an integration of SEO friendly Content Management Systems.

With current Microsoft Dotnet framework, your existing Static website can be ported and converted into a very dynamic Web Portal with robust Content Management System. The implementation is in less than half the time it takes to develop a custom web site, and the CRM system can most likely be implemented at a lower cost!

In today’s world Business & Services needs a valuable tool "A Website" and the main purpose would be like:

  1. To attract new customers,
  2. To provide information about our services and products to customers,
  3. To interact with customers and new visitors,
  4. To process transactions. 

With a robust business portal, visitors to your website and your new and existing customers can not only interact with your company but:

  1. Obtain valuable information,
  2. Obtain assistance, or download documents. 
  3. They can subscribe or unsubscribe to announcements, news letters, or product update notifications. 
  4. They can ask questions, discuss various subjects.
  5. Give feedback / make suggestions.
  6. Maintain private areas tied to orders or service history.
  7. And now a business portal, customers may also purchase products or services directly on-line, in a secure manner.

Static websites cannot deliver all above functionality and value.

A static website communicates "Hello", and few pages about who you are, but with a truly dynamic site such as a Business Web Portal developed in Microsoft DotNet using C# can add all the dynamic elements to your site.

Your customer can interact with your company immediately, and you can communicate immediately with customers and visitors.

It no longer makes sense to have a static website custom developed, when you can implement the power of a business web portal faster and cheaper. At ProHosterz we recommend you to ASK FOR A FREE QUOTE on development of dynamic business portal using Microsoft  .net C#

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